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New Lift Codes EN81-20 and 50

EN81 Part 20 and EN81 Part 50 are now published and replace EN81 Parts 1 and 2 and came into force as from July 1, 2014.

They are applicable to all lifts “put into use” after July 2017.

EN81-20 essentially governs the design requirements of passenger carrying traction and hydraulic lifts (passenger as well as passenger carrying goods lifts) and EN81-50 describes the essential safety components as well as the research and calculation methods top be used.

Key to the new standards are risk analysis and compliance with the essential requirements of the Lift Directive

The main changes to the standards are:

  • More free space on the car top for maintenance operatives(headrooms may increase!)
  • Stronger doors and a more stringent pendulum shock test
  • Safety circuits cannot be bridged without special tools – plus extra monitoring
  • Increased inspection controls – including in the pit


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